September 19, 2023 - Tout 8, 1740

Martyrdom of St. Dimides

On this day also was the martyrdom of St. Dimides. He was from Dersheba of the chair of Dantu. He loved the church, was kind to the poor and visited the sick. A luminous amn appeared to him and commanded him to go to receive the crown of martyrdom and promised him heavenly rewards. He rejoiced greatly and left his parents and went forth from the city. He prayed to God to help him to endure the torture for His Name's sake.

He came to the city of Attribis and confessed the Lord Christ before the governor, who tortured himseverly. Then he sent him to Lucianus, the governor of Alexandria. When he was on the boat, the Lord Christ appeared to him, comforted him, encouraged him and promised him everlasting happiness and his soul rejoiced. Lucianus tortured him with different kinds of tortures, then gave the order to cut off his head, and he received the crown of martyrdom. The people of his city came and took away his body and paid great honors to it. May his blessings and prayers be with us all, and Glory be to God forever. Amen.