April 23, 2022 - Baramouda 15, 1738

Departure of St. Alexandra, the Empress

On this day also, St. Alexandra, the Empress, Emperor Diocletian's wife, departed. When the great martyr, St. George deluded Emperor Diocletian that he would worship his idols, the Emperor embraced his head and brought him into his royal palace.

The Saint prayed and read some of the Psalms before Empress Alexandra and interpreted to her what he read. He explained to her the Divinity of the Lord Christ. His words entered her heart and she believed in the Lord Christ, to Whom is the glory.

When the Saint stood before the idols, he called the Name of the Lord Christ, and the idols were destroyed. The Emperor and those with him were humiliated. When the Emperor returned to the palace and told the Empress what had happened, she told him: 'Did I not tell you not to set yourself against the Galilean, for their God is strong and powerful?' Diocletian became extremely raged, tortured her severely, then threw her in prison where she departed in peace. Her prayers be with us. Amen.