June 10, 2022 - Paona 3, 1738

Martyrdom of St.Alladius the Bishop

Martyrdom of St.Alladius the Bishop
Today also marks the martyrdom of St. Alladius (Hilarius or Hilarion), bishop of one of the countries of the East. One day, he rebuked Emperor Julian for worshipping the idols. The Emperor replied, If I am, in your opinion infidel, because I do not worship that whom was crucified, I shall make you also forsake worshipping him. Then the Emperor handed him to one of his officers and commanded him to torture Alladius without mercy for one year. When he did not turn away from his firm intention, he lit a fire in a pit and threw him in it, but no harm came upon him. Many believed, and the Emperor ordered their heads to be cut off. Finally, they brought the saint out of the pit, and ordered to cut off his head. He delivered up his soul in the hand of the Lord Christ and received the crown of
May his prayers be with us. Amen.