October 18, 2018 - Baba 8, 1735

Martyrdom of St. Metra

On this day was the martyrdom of the old man St. Metra. He was a native of Alexandria, a believing Christian. When Decius reigned, he established the worship of idols, and afflicted the Christian people in every place, and his edict reached Alexandria whose people began to be persecuted. Some calumniated against the saint, and the governor had him brought to Alexandria to question him about his faith. St. Metra confessed that the Lord Christ is the true God. The governor ordered him to worship the idols and promised him much money, but he refused and so he threatened to punish him, but he did not give up his faith. He said to the governor, I do not worship but to the Lord Christ, the creator of heaven and earth. The governor was wroth with him, and ordered that he be beaten; so he was beaten very severely and then hanged up by his arms. Then they imprisoned him and slit his face and his temples with a red hot rod. Finally because he insisted on not giving up his faith, they cut off his head outside of the city. May his prayers be with us all. Amen.