July 17, 2020 - Epep 10, 1736

Martyrdom of St. Theodore, Bishop of Corinth, and his companions

On this day also, of the year 299 A.D., St. Theodore, Bishop of Corinth, three women, and two governors, one called Lucianus and the other Dagnanius, were martyred. When some evil men accused the Saint before these two afore-mentioned governors, that he was a Christian, and bishop of Corinth, the governors brought him and asked him about his belief. He confessed that he was Christian. They tortured him by beating and dragging him in the streets. He admonished them for their forsaking the true God, and worshipping the hand made stones. They ordered to cut out his tongue. They cut off his tongue and threw it away. A believing woman took it and handed it to the Saint who placed it back in its place, and by the power of God it healed as it was. He started again to explain the invalidity of the worshipping of idols. Those gathered marvelled and many of them believed as the governor Lucianus also believed. Dagnanius the governor became enraged and he killed St. Theodore as he killed three women who were following him as he was going to the place of execution. Shortly after, Lucianus convinced Dagnanius and he also believed in the Lord Christ. Both went to Cyprus, confessed the Lord Christ before its governor. He cut off their heads and they also received the crown of martyrdom. May his prayers be with us. Amen.