February 21, 2021 - Amshir 14, 1737

Departure of St.James, the Fiftieth Pope of Alexandria (St.Yacobus)

On this day also of the year 821 A.D., the great saint Abba James (St. Yacobus), 50th Pope of Alexandria, departed. He was a monk in the monastery of St. Macarius. For his holiness and righteousness, he was chosen by a consensus to become patriarch after Pope Mark, 49th Pope, had departed. He was enthroned in the month of Bashans in the year 810 A.D. St. James renovated the churches and populated the monasteries, and God granted him the gift of performing miracles. One of the deacons in Alexandria dared to say to him rudely, 'Pay what you owe to the churches, or else go to your monastery.' The Pope replied to him, 'You will never see me again from now on.' The deacon went home, immediately became sick and died shortly after. Another miracle: There was a lay leader (Archon) named Macarius from Nabarouh who was very well advanced in years and had no children. After a while, God gave him a son. He made a feast to celebrate this occasion, and invited Abba James. During the celebration, the child died but his father did not panic. He carried the child in his hands and placed him in faith before the Pope, trusting that God would hear His chosen one, and give life to his child. The Pope took the child and made the sign of the cross on his forehead, his heart and his chest, while he prayed, 'My Master, Jesus Christ, the Giver of Life, raise this child alive again by Your mighty power.' He breathed in his face, and the soul of the child returned to him, and he gave him to his father. When he finished his good strife, Abba James departed in peace, after he had been on the throne of St. Mark for 10 years, 9 months and 28 days.