July 22, 2021 - Epep 15, 1737

Martyrdom of St. Cyriacus and St. Julietta, his Mother

On this day also, St. Cyriacus (Qyriacus) and St. Julietta, his mother, were martyred. When Cyriacus was three years old, his mother left Iconium, her native land, taking her son with her. She went to Tarsus, fleeing from the Governor that was persecuting the Christians. However, she found the Governor there in Tarsus. Some had laid accusation against her before the Governor. He brought her and ordered her to worship the idols. She answered him, What you say to me cannot be accepted by a three year-old child. The governor said to her, We can ask your child. God then made the child talk, who cried out saying, Your gods are made of stone and wood by the hands of men, there is no other True God except my Lord Jesus Christ. Those who heard the child were amazed, and the Governor was exposed. For that reason, he inflicted pain over the child that surpassed his age. He also tortured his mother with many kinds of tortures. But the Lord God delivered them safely each time. Many saw this and believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, and received the crown of martyrdom. Finally, the Governor ordered to cut the heads off of St. Cyriacus (Qyriacus) and St. Julietta, his mother, and they received the crown of martyrdom. May their prayers be with us. Amen.