January 2, 2021 - Kiahk 24, 1737

Departure of St.Philogonus, the Patriarch of Antioch

On this day also, St. Philogonus, Patriarch of Antioch, departed. This saint was married and had a daughter. When his wife died, he became a monk. For his great virtue, his bountiful knowledge, his ascetic life, and his deep devotion, he was chosen Patriarch over the city of Antioch. He shepherded the flock of Christ well and protected it from the Arian wolves and the followers of Macdonius and Sabilius. As a patriarch, he lived in piety and asceticism, renouncing the world, and never owning one dinari or a second tunic. He completed his strife and departed in peace. St. John Chrysostom had praised him in his sermons.May His prayers be with us all. Amen