March 5, 2021 - Amshir 26, 1737

Martyrdom of St.Zadok and the One Hundred and Twenty-Eight who were with him

On this day also, St. Zadok and the 128 saints with him were martyred in Persia. Behram, King of Persia, brought them before him and ordered them to worship the sun. St. Zadok said to him, 'I do not worship except God, the Creator of the sun and all the universe.' The King asked, 'Does this Sun have a god?' The saint replied, 'Yes, and He is the Lord Christ, our God.'

The King ordered him beheaded. The saint prayed and the executioner cut his head. A great light appeared and all those who were present saw it and cried, saying, 'We are all Christians.' The King ordered that their heads be cut off and they received the crown of martyrdom.