August 13, 2020 - Mesra 7, 1736

Departure of St. Timothy II (Timotheos), the 26th Pope of Alexandria

On this day also, of the year 193 A.M. (July 31, 477 A.D.) St. Timothy II, the twenty-sixth Pope of the See of St. Mark, departed. This father was chosen for the Patriarchate after the departure of the striving father Pope Dioscorus on the third of Babah, 172 A.M. (October 1, 455 A.D.). He suffered many hardships for the sake of preserving the Orthodox faith. Emperor Leo, the Great, banished him to the island of Gagra (Gangra), in Paphlognia (Pavlagonia), where he was detained for seven years until he was returned by Emperor Leo, the Less, with great honor. He spent the rest of his days in establishing the faithful in the Orthodox faith. He departed in peace after he spent twenty-one years and ten months on the throne of St. Mark. May his blessings be with us and Glory be to God forever. Amen.