January 9, 2021 - Toba 1, 1737

Martyrdom of St. Lawindianus (Leontius)

On this day also, St. Lawindianus (Leontius) was martyred. He was from Syria during the time of the infidel Emperor Maximianus. When the Emperor heard about this Saint and his worship of Christ, he sent for him. He tried to entice him with much money to renounce the worship of Christ and to worship the idols. The saint mocked the Emperor's words and despised his presents, belittling his threats of tortures. The Emperor, was enraged, ordered him to be hung on the squeezing machine (Hinbazeen) to be pressed and then be beaten with pins, and to be cast in boiling oil. The saint endured it all, and the Lord Christ strengthened and healed him. When the Emperor was weary of torturing him, he ordered Lawindianus to be beheaded, and Lawindianus received the crown of martyrdom. Many miracles and wonders appeared through his body until he became well known in all Syria, and several churches and monasteries were built in his name. May his prayers be with us and Glory be to God forever. Amen.