February 13, 2021 - Amshir 6, 1737

Appearance of the Body of St. Apolidus, the Pope of Rome

On this day the church celebrates the appearance of the body of St. Apolidus (Hippolytus), Pope of Rome. He was a virtuous and a perfect man in his generation.

He was chosen to the Roman See after Father Augius. This was in the first year of the enthronement of Abba Cladianus, 9th Pope of Alexandria. Pope Apolidus was always teaching his people and guarding them from the pagan influences, confirming them in the faith of the Lord Christ.

When reports of St. Apolidus reached the infidel Emperor Claudius Caesar, he arrested him and tortured him severely. The Emperor then tied his feet with a heavy stone, and cast him in the sea on the 5th day of Amshir.

On the following day, one of the faithful found the body of the saint floating above the water, and the stone was bound to his feet. The man took it to his home and shrouded the body. The news spread in the City of Rome and in all the neighboring cities, and it reached Caesar, who asked for the body, but the man hid it.

This father left a great wealth of teachings about the Incarnation, and several sermons about Christian teaching. He also established 38 bylaws.