March 14, 2020 - Baramhat 5, 1736

Martyrdom of St.Peter the priest

On this day also the honorable presbyter St. Peter departed. This father spent his life fasting, he shut himself in and was disciplined in praying days and nights. The Lord granted him the gift of knowing the future, healing the sick through the water and oil after praying over them. He was ordained a priest, after much reluctance, and he was forced to obey the order. He offered the incense and celebrated the Liturgy daily. The people of the city rejoiced saying: 'May the Lord grant us the forgiveness of our sins with his prayers and supplications.' He had a wonderful power of reconciling persons at variance.

During his prayer one night, St. Peter the apostle appeared to him and told him: 'Hail to you for you have kept the priesthood without blemish. Hail to you for your prayers and masses had ascended as sweet aroma.' When the Saint saw him, he was terrified. St Peter told him: 'I am the apostle Peter, do not be afraid for the Lord has sent me to comfort you and to inform you that you are leaving this toilsome world to the Eternal kingdom, so rejoice and be comforted.' The priest rejoiced for that and said 'Remember me O My Father.' When he said that he departed in happiness, glory and honor.

May the Lord have mercy on us with his prayers and blessings and Glory be to God for ever. Amen.