November 10, 2020 - Hatour 1, 1737

Martyrdom of the Saints Maximus, Nometius, Boctor, and Philopus

Martyrdom of the Saints Maximus, Nometius, Boctor, and Philopus On this day, the striver Saints Maximus, Nometius, Boctor, and Philopus were martyred. They lived in the days of Decius the Emperor. During his reign, the seven young men disappeared in a cave in a mountain in Ephesus. These four saints were from Africa, and they were brethren in spiritual love. The desire for Christ gathered them together. When Emperor Decius was torturing the Christians, they agreed together to declare their faith. They went before the Prefect and confessed that they were Christians and only worshipped and bowed to Christ. He ordered them beaten, and they were many times, with whips and sticks. Their backs were burned with red-hot rods. Their bodies then were rubbed with rags made of hair steeped in vinegar and salt. In spite of all this severe torture they remained steadfast in the faith. Some of the people present believed in the Lord Christ when they saw their patience and endurance. Finally, the Prefect ordered the heads of some of the saints to be cut off and the sword to be used on the others. Thus they all received the crown of martyrdom.May their prayers be with us all. Amen