September 27, 2022 - Tout 17, 1739

Departure of St. Theognosta

On this day also departed the blessed Theognosta. She lived in the days of the righteous Emperors Honorius and Arcadius. It happened one day that an envoy came with gifts from the King of India to the two emperors. On the way back, they found this Virgin Theognosta holding in her a hand a book which she was reading. They seized her and took her back with them to their country. She became the head of the King's attendants and his wives. One day, the son of the King fell sick with a grievous sickness. She laid him in her bosom and made over him the sign of the Cross, and he recovered immediately. This report spread throughout that land, and since that day she was set free.

When the King went to war, there came upon him thick clouds and fog, and knowing of the sign of the Cross that St. Theognosta used to make, the King made the sign of the Cross over the winds and it became clear again, and with the sign of the Cross, he vanquished his enemies. When the King returned home from the war, he bowed down at the feet of the Saint, and asked her for the holy baptism for him and for the people of his city. She told them that it was not for her to baptize. They sent to Emperor Honorius to inform him of their acceptance of the faith and asked him to send a priest to baptize them. He sent to them a priest who was a saintly anchorite, and he baptized them all and he gave them the Holy Body and Blood of our Lord Christ. The virgin rejoiced for his coming and they blessed each other. She built a monastery for herself and many virgins who desired to go into the monastic life.

When the priest returned to the Emperor and related to him how the people of the city entered into the faith of our Lord Christ, he rejoiced exceedingly. The Emperor agreed with the Archbishop to ordain the priest a bishop and to send him back to them, and they rejoiced greatly. They had built a big church and they need pillars. There was a large temple for idols which had pillars so they took them to build this church. The rest of the people of this city joined the faith of the Lord Christ. The virgin rejoiced for all that had happened then departed to that nunnery among the virgins. May her prayers and blessings be with us all, and Glory be to God forever. Amen.