April 12, 2022 - Baramouda 4, 1738

Martyrdom of the Saints Victor, Decius, Eirene the Virgin, and those with them men, women, and virgins

On this day the saints Victor, Decius, Eirene the virgin and those with them from men, women and virgins were martyred. These saints were during the reign of Emperor Constantine and his son who destroyed many idol temples and changed them to churches on the name of the Virgin Mary and the Saints. When Emperor Julian the infidel reigned, he supported idol worshipping, honored their priests, and slew many Christians. Some pagans informed the Emperor about these saints and how they destroyed the temples and the idols. He seized them, tortured them with different kinds of tortures and finally cut off their heads and they received the crowns of martyrdom. May their prayers be with us and glory be to God forever. Amen.