March 2, 2023 - Amshir 23, 1739

Martyrdom of St. Eusebius, Son of Basilides the Minister

On this day, St. Eusebius, the son of Basilides, the minister, was martyred. This Saint was one of the soldiers who fought in the war against Persia. When Diocletian abandoned the faith, Basilides, informed his son, Eusebius, of what Diocletian had done. Then St. Eusebius in turn told his companions, the holy men: Abadir, Yustos, Ecladius, and Theodore about this matter. They all agreed to shed their blood in the Name of the Lord Christ.

When the war was over, they returned to Antioch carrying the flag of victory. The Emperor went out to meet them, and asked them to worship his idols with him, but they all refused. Eusebius pulled his sword out, and tried to kill Diocletian and all who were with him, but Diocletian fled and disappeared. If not for the presence of Basilides, Eusebius and the saints with him could have killed all the leaders of the government.

Romanus, one of the ministers of the Emperor, advised him to exile Eusebius to Egypt to be killed there. He sent him to the governor of Qift (Coptos), Maurianus, who inflicted upon him many tortures from the Hinbazeen (the squeezing wheel), dismemberment, and by severe beatings.

The Lord sent to him His angel to strengthen him in his afflictions, to comfort him and to heal his wounds. The Lord showed him in a vision the paradise and the mansions of the saints, and the places that had been prepared for him, his father and his brother, and his soul exceedingly rejoiced.

The Governor ordered him to be burned in a fiery furnace outside the City of Ahnas. The angel of the Lord came and put out the fire and took St. Eusebius out safely. Finally the Governor ordered him beheaded and thus he received the crown of martyrdom.