March 1, 2023 - Amshir 22, 1739

Departure of St. Maruta (Marouta) the Bishop

On this day the church commemorates the departure of St. Maruta (Maruthas), bishop of Marjferqat (Mia Farcane), and the relocation of the relics of the saints who were martyred there in the days of Emperor Diocletian.

St. Maruthas was a knowledgeable and righteous man. For this reason, Emperor Theodosius, father of Arcadius and Honorius, selected him to serve as a good will ambassador to the king of Persia, Sapor II, to negotiate with him the conditions of the truce that both wanted to sign. King Shapur (Sapor) welcomed him and housed him in a royal palace.

When St. Maruthas knew that the king had a demented daughter, he asked to bring her to him. He prayed over her and she was healed. King Shapur was overjoyed and became more courteous to St. Maruthas.

The saint asked the King for the relics of the saints who were martyred in Persia, and the King gave him permission to take them. The saint took the relics for which he built a church and a great fortress around it. Later on, a city was built inside the walls of the fortress, which was named after Maruthas.

After the saint had finished his mission, he returned to Emperor Theodosius, and stayed in Rome until his departure.