February 27, 2023 - Amshir 20, 1739

Departure of St.Peter, the Twenty-First Pope of Alexandria

On this day of the year 370 A.D., the blessed father Abba Peter II, 21st Pope of Alexandria, departed. He was the successor of St. Athanasius the apostolic, who was his teacher. Anba Peter II suffered many tribulations from the followers of Arius who often tried to kill him, but he escaped them.

He was forced to hide for two years, during which the Arians put in his place one of them named Lucius. Nevertheless, the believers were able to remove Lucius, the false pope, and brought back Anba Peter who remained on his chair for 6 years of persecution, during which he resisted the Arians. When he completed 8 years, the Lord relieved him from the toil of this world and he departed to the eternal bliss.

Commemoration of the Saints Basil, Theodore and Timothy, the Martyrs

On this day also is the commemoration of Saints Basil, Theodore and Timothy, the martyrs, in the city of Alexandria.