February 26, 2023 - Amshir 19, 1739

Commemoration of the Relocation of the Relics of St.Martianus the Monk

On this day we commemorate the relocation of the relics of St. Martianus (Martinianus) the fighter monk from Athens to Antioch. After he led an adulterous woman to repentance and then to monasticism, he placed her in one of the convents. Then he went to an island and visited many countries. Finally, he came to the city of Athens where he stayed for a short while, until he fell sick and departed in peace(1).

St. Demetrius, Patriarch of Antioch, took on the endeavor to relocate the relics of the saint during the reign of Emperor Valens the Infidel. St. Demetrius sent priests to Athens. They carried the body of St. Martianus with great honor to Antioch. He placed the body in a sarcophagus and appointed a feast to celebrate him on this day.