October 19, 2021 - Baba 9, 1738

Eclipse of the Sun in the year 958 of the Martyrs

On this day also, in the year 958 of the martyrs, during the reign of King El-Saleh Ayob and the papacy of the father the Patriarch Abba Kyrillos III, the seventy-fifth Pope of the See of St. Mark, a stupendous thing happened in the world which amazed those who beheld it or heard of it. That thing was that the sun became gradually dark until darkness spread everywhere and they saw the stars in the daytime. People lit lamps and were struck with great fear. They cried out to God the Almighty with all their hearts asking for His compassion and mercy. The Lord had mercy upon them and removed their fear and the darkness was lifted all at once and the sun appeared to light up the world. Then the lamps were extinguished. That occurred from half past eight to half past nine during the day. the people glorified God who was long-suffering towards them and did not deal with them according to their sins but according to His mercy and patience. To Him is the Glory in His Church. Amen.